Caterina Allegra

My studies and my teachers

When I was little, I wanted to save the planet.


I dreamed of being a researcher embarked on a Greenpeace ship to fight the bad guys who pollute the planet.

I decided to study at the University of York (UK), graduating in BSc in Biology in 2000, and continued my studies with an MRes in Sustainable Environmental Management at  Plymouth University (UK) and Grenoble (France). I continued to work in environmental research for a few years. Before starting my dream Ph.D. (between France and Patagonia), I left for a 3 months trip to India.

And there it all collapsed.

The illusion. The certainties. What I thought was my call in life.

My faith in science.

I had forgotten to cultivate a small aspect of my life: spirituality.

Because India, with its rude and bewildering ways, has the capacity of doing just that: remind you that you are not just flesh and bones and a brain.

I laughed at the idea of doing yoga.

Stand still, in meditation, me? I have always loved movements, sports, crazy stuff. Meditation was not really into my frame of mind at that time.

But in India - I don't know how it happened, but in India, you can't explain almost anything about what happens to you - I went to try this yoga that everyone was talking about.

And there, at the foot of the Himalayas, in 2007, I met my first Yoga teacherYogacharya Lalit, a kind, open, quiet person, nothing to do with the rigid yoga masters so attached to success, hierarchies, fame I had heard of.

Lalit mainly taught me that you should never take yourself too seriously.

Back from India I quit everything and returned, after 10 years, to Sicily. I had a baby. I worked in tourism and traveled, exploring the island, and being a mother. And I keep practicing yoga. Almost every day. Yoga became my anchor in a very turbulent period of my life, it allowed me to find strength, it was my refuge.

The path to teaching

In 2013, during a trip to Brazil, I decided to share this practice that had helped me so much, so that everyone could benefit from it.


In 2014, after months of studying between Spain and the Netherlands, I completed my first yoga teacher training with Esther Ekhart . I found in her an authentic teacher from whom I learnt by osmosis; not through beautiful words thrown to the wind, but through example, practice, love. During the training with Esther I had the opportunity to cross paths with wonderful teachers such as Sandra Carson , Anusara Yoga teacher and Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, renowned teachers of Yoga anatomy.


In November of the same year, I decided to follow a teacher training with Josh Summers in Biel in Switzerland to become a teacher of " Yin Yoga ". Yin yoga was already part of my practice, but knowing Josh changed my life, and I've continued to study with him throughout this years.

Also in 2014 I discovered the Atala Dhamma center, in Tuscany, and finally participated in a 10-day course of Vipassana as taught by the great teacher Goenka.


Expecting my second child, I decide to expand my knowledge on Yoga in Pregnancy and I chose Michelle Kaminsky to train me as a teacher of

Yoga in Pregnancy (pre and post natal) and Mama & Baby Yoga, in Lagonisi in Greece, in 2015. In the same year, I joined Esther in Portugal for an intensive Yoga and Clarity Process course, during which many doors opened for me into the world of psychoanalysis in relation to the teaching of yoga.



In 2018 I met Josh again in Ireland, this time to study Chinese medicine applied to yin yoga. I am not an expert in Chinese medicine, but after 7 years of studying I feel I can incorporate the energetic work of Chinese medicine into my yin yoga classes.


In 2019 I returned to work with Michelle but this time as a teacher in her training course which took place in July in Tuscany. A truly rewarding experience!


I have more than 500 hours of training. All certified Yoga Alliance US.

I am also an avid student of Ayurveda, and I find many answers to my doubts in the Theravada Buddhism.

My philosophy

The love for science that has accompanied me in all my life also makes me an avid student of everything related to the body / mind.


The knowledge acquired in the field of scientific research allows me to understand, analyze and interpret the numerous studies and research on the human body that are finally being carried out and which take into consideration biomechanics, fascial systems, bioenergetics, etc.

From this knowledge I have distilled a style of functional yoga, in which the body is adapted to the postures, and not the postures to the body.


And I continue to listen to nature, with its seasons and its cycles, and my yoga teachings are influenced by this feeling, which will be different according to the seasons, circadian rhythms, moon phases.


I learned about the feminine nature that we are not taught in school, and I share this knowledge with my female students, so that they too can feel free, strong and aware.

And the dream of the little explorer traveling the seas of the world to save the planet?

I finally got there. Not by the conventional ways that I thought I had to take: scientific research has clearly failed to save the planet, because when Ecology becomes a branch of Economy, and we want to convince (force) the world to respect the planet because otherwise we lose money, then we have lost our soul.


I got there by more inaccessible, more hidden, less explored ways.

I have discovered the depths of the human soul, and the horizons of its heart.

And I want to spread this knowledge so that everyone feels what they really are: love, harmony, serenity and peace.


Because when you rediscover your essence, and understand that there is no difference between you and me and the rest of the planet, then there will no longer be a need for fines and laws to protect the planet because the love that comes from connection and from unity is stronger than any forcing from above.


In harmony with the world and with yourself. Part of nature and not against nature.



  • 2013-2014: Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher Training, 200hrs, with Esther Ekhart of - Location: Spain, Holland

  • 2014: Yin Yoga: Foundations Module, 50hrs, with Josh Summers of - Location: Switzerland

  • 2014: 10 day Vipassana Meditation Course - Location: Tuscany

  • 2015: Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, 80 hrs, with Michelle Kaminsky of - Location: Greece

  • 2015: Yoga and Clarity, 60 hrs, with Esther Ekhart and Taetske Kleijn from - Location: Portugal

  • 2018: Yin Yoga: Traditional Chinese Medicine Module, 50 hrs, with Josh Summers - Location: Ireland

  • 2019: Mama and Baby Yoga Module Teacher for the Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, with Michelle Kaminski - Location: Tuscany

Yoga and Clarity , 60 hrs, with Esther Ekhart and Teatkse Kleij

Yin Yoga: Foundations Module , 50hrs, with Josh Summers

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